On Top of the Move

Along with the move we have been busy with a few last minute visits.  On June 5th our home Church in Steinbach prayed over us as a send out and then June 10th – 12th I got to escape the chaos of our house to attend  the men’s camping retreat.  That was a lot of fun getting to know some of the men from our Church better and I also can report that I caught my first pike & walleye.  I didn’t keep the pike but the walleye and perch that I caught sure tasted good.

I have also got sometime in for a bit of RC flying which I’m still no good at but I having fun trying.  Practice practice makes prefect right.  I’m thinking that I should stop practicing crashing and try to practice flying.


Other then packing I have been trying to enjoy as many libraries books as possible from the library before we move.  And the kids and I have gone for a few bike rides to get a Slurpee’s on some of the warm days.  One of the highlights for our family was attending our church picnic and enjoying having service outside, sharing lots of food, and playing all the silly games with our friends.  It was a great day for a picnic!



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