It’s been a while since our last post so it may take us a couple of short post over the next couple of days to catch up.  The best way to describe our house during the last few weeks other then piles of stuff  is walking through paths ways and mazes to get through one end of the house to the other.  As we started to prepare for our next step on our grand adventure in His service by packing and sorting our house. We had fun creating a few piles in our garage like a pile of stuff for the dump and one for the MCC store (second hand thrift-store in town) and then a few piles in different parts of the house for our Michigan trailer.  Then we had little piles filled with small treasures that we no longer need and that our friends thought they could use. Finally we come to the pile for the AB trailer which was mostly stuff we wanted to put into long term storage with my parents.  Our family is very grateful for the help we received from our friends and church family here in Steinbach as we wouldn’t not have been able to be packed, trailer loaded, clean and out of the house with 10 minutes to spare this morning.  The house is no longer ours as of 10 am this morning and we have our Michigan trailer containing the stuff we wanted for the next year and a 1/2 parked at a friends house till we return to Stienbach in August.  All in all it has been a great couple weeks and months as we prepared for today.  In a lot of ways it still hasn’t sunk in yet.  I did shed a few tears last night as I wandered around the empty basement after tucking the kids into bed.  Over the course of the past 3 years we lived in Stienbach I can say that I have left a piece on my heart behind and will miss our friends and church family very much.  And coming soon pictures from our packing.


PS I couldn’t have timed our stay in the motel any better as I got to watch a whole hockey game with a picture clear enough to see the puck.  And it was a great game as well.  Sorry to those that are Vancouver fans.

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