More About Us
Our Family is currently serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in the country of Indonesia.  We currently live in Merauke, Papua which is the southern and eastern most city in Indonesia.

Greg grew up in a Christian home on a small farm in Alberta, Canada were at a young age he had an interest in the sky. This interest in the sky was sealed after reading “The Jungle Pilot” (Nate Saite’s story, the missionary pilot martyred in Ecuador). After reading the story he developed a deep love for flying and how it could be used to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ. As this passion grew it led him to attend Prairie Bible College and he enrolled in their Mission Aviation program. A few weeks into his first year at Prairie he met his wife Julie.

Julie was raised in the United States in a small town in Michigan. She grew up with Christian parents who loved the Lord. During her teen years she developed a heart to serve God on the mission field. This led her to leave her family and attend Prairie Bible College for further bible training. This is where she met her husband Greg and he introduced her to the flying world and how God could use airplanes for His glory.

Once Greg and Julie married they focused on finishing college at PBC and shortly after graduating the flying door closed. Greg then trained as an electrician for four years and received his journeymen’s ticket. However, his heart remained in the air and with serving overseas. By following God’s lead we moved our family to Steinbach, MB were he became a flight instructor to gain more hours and experience. Greg has enjoyed using his passion for flying to encourage his students on their journey to becoming better pilots. During our time in Steinbach Christ has given Greg and Julie an opportunity to server with MAF to aid in the furtherance of the Gospel.

When Greg is in the air, Julie and their three children busy with homeschooling.  We have started to build some new relationships among our neighbors as well with some store owners that we frequent.  We are excited about how God is changing and shaping our lives while we serve and get to know the people of the south coast of Papua.