The Kids Corner

This page is dedicated to our kids and will be adding and changing the pictures from time to time and maybe sharing some of their stories and maybe not to far in to the future let them tell their own.  Enjoy but you can’t have them their ours.
Post November 2015
During our travels this past Summer/Fall 2015, we happened to stop at a rest stop that looked familiar and low and behold we had stopped there during our first weeks of travels with MAF five years ago.  Not remembering the pose exactly we took a similar picture of our kids on a rather large rock in the parking lot.  So here are the before and now pictures, I’ll let you figure out which is which ;-).

Post by Jaclynn
Hi my name is Jaclynn I’m a MK living in Indonesia.  I’m almost done grade one here in Salatiga.  I like dancing I like having geckos in my house, because they are cute and eat bugs.  And geckos are hard to catch.  It is hot here in Indonesia. My friends come from different parts of the world, like Korea, America and Indonesia. 
I like animals, do you like animals too?  I also like taking pictures here are a few of my favorites.

Few pictures of the kids ranging from our last bit of time in MI to the first couple weeks in ID

Franklin’s work at World Missionary Press

Fair well due at our Church in Clarksville
Kids staying at Grandma & Grandpa’s while we packed.

Our last meal at the Ionia Wendy’s as we left for ID

Our visit to Steinbach
First couple days in Nampa

Family bike trip
Mini golfing

Go-kart racing

Museum visit

Family Memorial Day Vacation Pool Pictures

Isaac’ Birthday 2012
Franklin found his plane
“Lookout here I go!”
“Franklin to the rescue”
“Ready for my first solo.”
“Reporting for duty sir!”
“Is there something missing?”
“Dad where are my wings?”
“Roger five niner zulu left turn to heading 095”
“Franklin let me show you how it’s done.”

Summer 2011
Lets go Dad

Clear Prop

Hold On

All Aboard

Pretty Cute Water Rat

Our Sunshine Boy

New Friends Wherever We Go

Let Me Show You How It’s Done Uncle Johnny
Interview with Franklin July 23, 2011
This morning as I was thinking about writing a new blog my mind went to my son Franklin.  As he is planing on turning nine years old in a couple of weeks I thought that it would be fun to ask him some questions about life as a pre-field missionary kid.  God has blessed him with such a tender heart and one amazing active imagination that as a mother I can’t wait to see how God will use him on the mission field. So here are a few questions that I sat down with my son and asked him this morning. 
What was your first thought when you saw your first MAF video and what did you want to do?
– I thought that it looked pretty cool to be a missionary!  And I wanted to pack my backpack and go and help those people that day. I was pretty sad when my parents told me that it would take awhile before we could help those people.
Do you enjoy traveling all over the place and staying with different people?
– I enjoy it most of the time except when I get a head cold like right now. It is fun to play with other peoples toys but I miss having my own space.
How did you enjoy your first year of home schooling compared to public school?
– It wasn’t that bad! I enjoyed the reading and history that we did however I could live without math!
However, I miss seeing all my friends everyday and having three recess daily.
Was it hard to pack up all your belonging and sell your house?
– Yes, because we had to get rid of so much stuff and then most of the things that we did get to keep are in the trailer until the middle of August. I am missing my stuff animals and my own bed!
What has been the hardest part of your mom and dad’s new calling?
– We don’t really stay at home that much. But I think that I like have missionaries for parents.
What have been some of your favorite memories since your family joined MAF?
– Learning about the country that we are going to live in and meeting new people!
I hope that you enjoyed hearing from Franklin and that you will continue to lift him up in your prayers.  As a parent it has been interesting watching God change and stretch Franklin through this past year. He is looking forward to home schooling again next year and to moving to the States!  However, changes are never easy and do take a toll especially on children. Thank you for all your prayers for our family and your continued support.  We arrived safely in Waldheim, SK last night and are greatly looking forward to attend the mission conference here. 

I found the following story in a fellow MAFer’s newsletter and it struck me as a great example of the ministry our children will have once we are on the field.  In couple years I hope to be able to update this story with some of our own Lord willing.

4 O’clock in the afternoon
     “This is the time some of the kids in the neighborhood begin shouting Julia’s name from our gate, if we forget to open it. We are not sure how they know it’s four o’clock, since none of them have watches, but nevertheless, they always seem to know. These precious kids come over almost every day to play on our swing set and eat fruit from the trees in the yard. Most of them are at least 6years older than Julia, but they still love to play with her. They are very patient as she carefully climbs up the ladder to the slide and slowly goes down. They push Julia and Katie on the swings and hold Julia’s hand as they run around the yard. Half of these kids are from other faiths. Please pray that they will see the “Light” in us as we play with them.”

Isaac showing off his Jedi moves in his uncles shorts 

Now that we are all impressed it’s time to kick back

Cross stitching 101 class starts early in the morning pajamas required dress code

Isaac the boy of laughter is now 6

Had a pretty good haul of new toys
Learning the value of the color green
Steady as she goes
On top of the world
Franklin’s former room now part of the basement again
Sharing a room so far so good. Light is still attached to the ceiling 🙂

I can hardly believe this was only two Years ago!! 

Hard day at the salt mines 
Only two and already behind bars we are in trouble!!!

Jaclynn’s first Flight Lesson

I tried to warn him not to put his finger in the light socket.

Man the situation looks bleak

Franklin’s first driving lesson, I still haven’t figure out where to put the gas in these contraptions?

Enjoying the finer things in life
Two years later still enjoying the finer things in life
Can they really grow that much in two years amazing