On The Road Again

What a wonderful time we have had during our two months in Alberta. Greg and I have had a great time of fellowship with friends and family and sharing about the work of MAF. Most of these past months God has been stretching and molding us for the work he has called us to. As we have been learning new roles and living out of suitcases since we left home on the 23rd of August. What a blessing Greg’s parents have been these past months as we have been living with them! I’m sure that they will enjoy having a quit house once our three children leave! On Thursday we will be heading to our next destination on this adventure and arriving at Waldheim, SK for about 10 days. Greg’s aunt and uncle are willing to open their home to us as we have two churches in the area to speak at. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we will not have to much snow to travel in as we slowly make are way back home. However, much to the children’s excitement we actually have snow here at Greg’s parents house at he moment. The children have been doing great and enjoying life as we travel to different peoples homes and to new Churches. However, our little Isaac (who has a hard time dealing with change) has started to show signs of being overwhelmed with our new life. So please pray for Isaac as he is starting to really miss home and is starting to act out and is feel really down! Our van has actually rolled over the 11,000 km mark since we have left home and Greg has had to replace all the bearings in the van this past week. It was a dirty job, but little Isaac was a big help working right along side Greg through the whole job. Franklin has been enjoying the work shop and creating new projects out of scrap pieces of wood. And Jaclynn has greatly enjoyed the last couple of homes we have visited in as there has been more girls then boys to play with. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, supporting us, and opening their homes for meals and great times of fellowship. We have had a wonderful time here in Alberta and have met some wonderful people and made many new friends over these past two months here. Sorry to those we were unable to meet with during our stay. We are thinking about heading this way again in the spring to pickup where we left off and hopefully see those that we were unable to catch up with.

God Bless

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