What an Awesome Weekend

Our family arrived in Waldheim, SK on Friday afternoon here at Greg’s aunt and uncle’s house. The children have adjusted to a new place very well and are having a good time. Especially, once they discovered a basement full of Lego’s and two older cousins who will still sit down and play with them. Greg and I have had a busy last couple of days that started on Saturday for Greg with a men’s breakfast and preparing for the Sunday service. Then Saturday evening we had the privilege of attending a concert by Potter’s Clay. What a great evening of encouragement and great fellowship! Much to my great enjoyment they sang the song “Anchor Holds” during their concert and I will admit that I cried through the whole song. It reminded me of home and of hearing my dad sing the song and how it actually encouraged me to really leave home and head to bible college in Canada. Then today I had the opportunity to share with the children during there open session before Sunday school started. I really enjoyed this as working with children is defiantly my area of passion. After the morning service which Greg spoke at we had a wonderful time getting to know the people as we attended a Church potluck. It was a great time of meeting new people and making new friends! Thank you for all your prayers as we are travelling, trying to home school, sharing about MAF, and finding family time. We are having a blast serving God in this new role as missionaries and feel so blessed to be doing something that we both love and feel called to.

God Bless

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