Base Life


Well we’ve been in the guesthouse apartment for just over a week now.  No more worries about power outages here, when the power goes out just wait 10sec and it’s back on via the base generator.  Base life does have some perkes. The move went smoothly getting most of our stuff back into storage to wait for our move to Merauke early next year.  My motorcycle is not seeing many miles at the moment now that I walk across the street for work.  Hopefully I can fix that on the weekends with some rides.

The kids are enjoying having easy access to friends to play with during the day.  New challenges for mom and dad “setting boundaries” so that there is a balance between family time and friend time.  They’ve started some homeschooling as well, which has been going well from what I hear.

The month of June was a full one in my flight log book which is exciting for me.  I was able to put 60+ hours into my log book almost all of which under the PIC (Pilot in Command) column.  I had the privilege of serving a missionary family in Bokondini with a couple (some what rare) flights into Bokondini.  Along with those flights I was able to serve the villages of Bime, Borme, Kiwirok, Kobakma, Mamit, Mulia and Nongme with several flights in and out carrying supplies and passengers.

July is around the corner now well pretty much here already.  July we will be traveling back to Canada for a mini home assignment.  We depart Sentani July 26th and head to Jakarta then on the 27th we depart Jakarta for the long journey around the globe arriving in the evening of July 28th.  Not bad only 24 hours oh but wait, we are suppose to gain a day traveling back to Canada, so it turns out be 40+ hours travel time. There will also be a 12 hour layover in Seoul that we will have as well. So we ask for strength and endurance as we make our way back to Canada later this month.

Once on the ground in Canada we have a few things planned out schedule wise.  Here is a rough calendar for our time in Canada.

August                                     Training/Rest
September 1st to 30th              Central, Alberta
October 1st to 6th                    Waldheim, Saskatchewan
October 7th to 19th                  Central, Alberta
October 20th to 26th                Sayward, BC
October 31st                             Depart back to Indonesia

Please contact us if there is a date that we can put something in common down on our calendar with your calendar.

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