Packing/Paperwork Update

Update on the paperwork first, yesterday marked a day for celebration.  Our long awaited day of turning in our visa applications was completed.  We had been waiting since January for a couple passports that praise the Lord finally came this past week which allowed us to finish up our Indonesia visa paperwork.  The best part is now we can rest in God’s timing as we no longer play a personal role in acquiring these needed documents for travel.  Hopefully come August I can still remain at rest if they have not arrived and continue to trust in God’s timing.
Crate # 2
The packing is going, ahead I think?  We still are living in what seems kaos but that is okay.  We are making progress.  Crate 1 is almost full and crate 2 has a start.  Crate 3 remains un-assembled and crate 4 has been disassembled and the mods are in progress to attach and secure our tool box in place for the journey.  Hopefully next week the final mods can be completed and crate 4 can be reassembled and maybe crate 3 will be needed and assembled as well.
Quality Control Manager
Assessing Mod Progress

Crate # 1
Report Time
Not to Far off Now!

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