Only A Moment

How long is a moment?  Does it happen in a second?  Can that moment been filled with emotions?  As I sit and try to process the loss of a friend, teammate, and sister in Christ my heart’s cry is, “Lord, I did not get enough time as it feels like just a moment. I still could have learned so much more from her, Father.”

So again how long is a moment really?  For me I was given almost seven weeks with the blessing of being apart of Joyce’s life.  Normally, our family lives in a different city and would see her in just brief moments of passing.  However, in God’s graciousness, he blessed our family with a special moment in time that put us living next door to her.

I remember a few days after moving into our guesthouse room that was attached to her room and we had this beautiful piano music coming from the other side of the wall.  Joyce was in her bedroom praising her Lord with her whole heart and it was the first moment I got to see a beautiful layer to my friend.  As the weeks past we grew to love our weekend concerts as we heard her play and sing.

Then came passing moments on the guesthouse patio that turned into hours of listen to each other’s days.  I loved listening to her talk with my husband about different flights and places that they had both flown to at one point.  A lot of the time it would turn to the topic of the new IT building that my husband was trying to finishing wiring .  She was so excited for that project to be finished and have more space to work on IT projects when she was not up in the air. Besides the conversations this is where we got to witness her love for children and see her interact with a wide range of the children on base.  She loved her role as “Aunt Joyce”.

There were moments of sweet fellowship as we worshiped with her on Sundays with her small group since we could not attend church.  And I was blessed to sing with her as she lead our small group in a time of worship music before bible study.  After the singing she loved to just dive into the word of God and have deep discussions about the passage.  She had such a heart for God and love to deepen her learning that allowed her to grow closer to her Lord. There was such a hunger about her and most times she would invite anyone who wanted to have deeper conversation about things she would being willing to meet anytime with them.

I think though that one of my favourite moments of her was when I saw her in her flight uniform for the first time as she walked back on base after finishing her flight day.  As I saw her pause and visit with which ever guard was on duty that day I noticed that she had this special shine about her after spending time in the air and serving the people.  There is nothing more beautiful then watching a person simple enjoy doing the Lord’s work and allowing that joy to completely run out of them and over flow to those around them.

When I combine all these moments I feel like I only got to see just a tiny glimpse of Joyce and who she was.  The moment though that I am the most thankful for Joyce did not come until hours after her passing as I held my son as the tears came down his face. I did not know that in her amazing way she had left a lasting impact that I believe will not be forgotten. For through his tears he said, “Mom, I had never been around such a person before in my life.”  So from this mothers heart I can never say thank you enough for the moment of time you impacted my sons life.

So how impactful can a moment be?  I believe that a moment can have a far greater effect on a person’s life then we can every imagine.  So in brace those moments in time that God places in front of you.

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