Home Assignment Here We Come


This summer we will be returning to Canada and possibly dipping down below the 49th parallel to visit and share in person the life molding experiences we’ve been privileged to live through these past couple years.  Below is a rough outline and is very subject to change at this point but its a start.

June 1 Depart Merauke

June 3-4 Arrive in Alberta

June 5-11 Recovering from Jet-leg

June 12-30 Available to connect and share Alberta.

July 1-15 Travel to Vancouver Island BC

July 16-22 Potential trip to Nampa Idaho

July 23-30 Marriage Retreat (Sorry not available but our kids are:-) ).

July 31-Aug 19 Alberta

Aug 19-Sept 12 Transition to and visit Steinbach MB,

Sept 13 Depart Winnipeg for Indonesia.  Yes this is Julie’s 40th as well!!  Good place to spend your 40th in an airport right ;-).


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