Quick Look at the Start of 2019

Greetings Dear Friends and Family.


Yes we are still alive and well enjoying the first month of 2019.  We’ve had some special guests with us for a couple weeks at the beginning for the year.  This visit was a tremendous blessing and encouragement for all of us.  Here are some photos taken during their visit.


Who needs a pickup truck when you have a bebek motorcycle

Was able to take our guests for a day of flight ops.

Checking out some termite mounds.

Beautiful Beach Sunset

Beautiful Beach Sunset

Our friends getting a tour of Kotiak

Boarder with PNG

Boarder with PNG

Our teammates have departed for their home assignment just before Christmas so we’ve been navigating a new normal.  This new normal is more effecting me (Greg) as I learn to say “No, Sorry I can’t”  There is only some much one can do without overdoing it and becoming a safety hazard to myself and those that ride with me.

Julie and the Kids have been doing well again with the homeschooling.  It seems to continue to go well this year, which is a huge answer to prayer and gives us confidence that we can continue here in Merauke in a sustainable manner.

This year we are also looking ahead to an upcoming Home Assignment during the summer months.  We’re not quite ready for a winter visit :), our blood has thinned out a bit these past 5 years living in the tropics.


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