Special Flights from Last Summer


This Video I just found again on YouTube from last year.  This conference/retreat was held last year shortly before our Earthquake experience which inadvertently overshadowed this special opportunity we had with the float plane to serve the Church in the Paniai area.  I had the privilege of being the drop off pilot and my teammate Eric did the pick up at the end of the conference.  Both of us were supported by our MAF base staff located in Timika for this particular group of flights,I think we each did 4 flights.  This is not an MAF video but it illustrates well the work we have the privilege to support with the use of an airplane.  I even managed a respectable landing that made the final cut (honestly I can’t tell if its Eric or me at the controls but I’ll gladly claim that one, and besides its during the arrival portion which was when I was at the wheel ;-).


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