While out hiking in the mountains right before we returned home to Indonesia I was on the hunt for something.  At the moment I did not have a clue what it was but I wanted to find something that could represent everything that Greg and I had learned, experienced, and walked through during our furlough and even our 18 years of marriage. As I was walking along the river bank with friends Greg walks over and hands me something and then walks away. When I looked down at what he had given me I just first smiled at the rock that I was holding. For it was in the shape of a heart and next day was to be our 18th wedding anniversary.  I took a couple of steps and then I had to really work at holding my tears a bay since I was in a group of people. God softly touched me and said here is what you were looking for.

As the group and I kept walking along the bank my fingers kept running over the heart shape rock and the word faithful kept running through my mind.  I thought back to our last few months before furlough when God asked us to walk along side our friends as they grieved the loss of a child. I had pictures of the wedding held in our yard for our neighbors daughter. I saw my son Isaac laugh with the specialist that he saw and the joy that I saw slowly return through the months at home. I witness my husband break free from something that has been a struggle our entire marriage.  My breath caught every time I remembered how God blessed my son Franklin by all the opportunities to be apart of his passion for farm life. I remember the feel of holding my new niece for the first time. And saying good by to my beloved grandmother one last time. Pictures of my daughters laughter as she loved on as many animals as she could while home.

Finally, when the day ended with the group and Greg and I were by ourselves I told him that I still had the rock that he gave me.  He was a little surprised that I kept it for he had no idea that I was looking for something to begin with. Or the very special moment that God shared with me while walking along the river that day.  And yes, the rock did travel all the way back with me to Indonesia and is actually right next to the computer as I am writing this blog.  And to be honest there is not a day that has gone by since returning to Indonesia that I have not glanced at it and felt the Faithfulness of my Lord.

For you see God was faithful in helping us arrive safely with all 15 bags (with none of them opened) to Indonesia. God was faithful when my husband had a landing incident that caused some damage to one of the floats the first time back into a plane. God has been faithful in helping us remove all the rats that moved into our home while we were away. God has been faithful with the start of another school year. Now, that does not mean it has all been easy for I have had to remind myself many times through out the day that God is faithful and I need to let myself truly learn to trust him. Now, when I am faced with something God gentle reminds me that He is faithful and to just be still, rest in him, and not try to fix everything.

I am so thankful for the beautiful treasure that the Lord allowed my husband to put into my hands. And for the gentle reminder that it does not matter what comes my way for my God is FAITHFUL and I can praise him no matter what I am going through.


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