Home Assignment Schedule

We’ve safely arrived back to the Great White North, we want to give a quick heads up as to when we will be in your area.  We hope to see as many as you as we can so please don’t be shy, in contacting us via; (519)-766-3305 (J) (519)-766-8085 (G) gregjuliefij@gmail.com, Skpye, greg.julie.dole or Facebook


May 14 – June 19 Michigan & Indian area

May 21 – Moorepark Community Church, Three Rivers, MI

May 28 – Bowne Mennonite Church                          Alto, Michigan

June 4 – First Baptist Church of Oswego                   Oswego, Indiana

June 11 – Trinity Missionary Church                         Constantine, Michigan

June 18 – Randville Bible Church, Randville, MI

June 19 – July 10 Southern Manitoba

June 25 – Cornerstone Bible Church, Steinbach, MB

July 2 – open

July 9 – Vita Bible Church, Vita, MB

July 12 – 15 FEBC Convention                                           Waldheim, SK

July 16 – 27 – Steinbach, MB (Julie & Kids)  Nampa, ID (Greg)

July 28 – August 2 Waldheim Missions Conference     Waldheim, SK

August 3 – September 3  Alberta

August 6 – Bethel EMC, Carstairs, AB

August 13 – Country Fellowship Church, Cremona, AB

August 20 – Innisfail Baptist Church, Innsifail, AB

September 3 – Bergen Missionary Church, Bergen, AB

September 10 – Mirror Alliance Church, Mirror, AB

September 11-18 Return to Indonesia

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