20,000 hr Inspection Update


The daily grind continues as we are now past day 22 of our inspection.  There is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel but it’s still pretty small.  There is not much of the airplane or any system on the aircraft that hasn’t been effected in someway during this inspection.  A few of the interior wall and ceiling panels have stayed in place but I think that is about it.  The Lord has continues to show His grace and mercy to us throughout this project, as we’ve made a few mistakes.  Have no fear those mistakes have been rectified and I will fly the plane with confidence in a few weeks from now.  Our current goal is to have the airplane back in service by the 17th which might be possible we’ll see.  The important thing is that it’s put back together correctly :).


This picture is from today as we started to reassemble the tail.


This picture from a couple days ago.  We needed to lift the air-frame off the floats to change a couple bolts that were corroding in a lower attachment.  Lot of work for just 2 bolts but it’s all part of keep the airplane in good safe working order.


This was the big day we removed the wings a couple weeks ago.



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