20,000 hrs

20,000 hrs may not seem like a lot or maybe it does.  PK-MAO is now the second Caravan in the MAF worldwide fleet to reach this milestone.  A milestone that comes with a lot of work I might add.  For the past 2 weeks our team here in Merauke has been hard at work disassembling our beloved airplane down to bear bones.  Here are a few photos; day 1, day 5, day 6, and day 8 which was yesterday.  G0103345.JPGG0013350.JPGG0014180.JPGG0014432.JPG

Next week the wings will come off and the plane will be lifted off the floats just high enough for the special NDT (non-destructive testing) tool.  The  disassembly process is almost complete.  Hopefully the following week after the all the NDT is completed we can start to reassemble which usually takes a bit longer than the disassembly part.

Some up and coming things for our family.  April my (Greg) mom and niece are coming for a visit and following their departure back to Canada beginning of May we will also be heading to Canada/USA ourselves.  As our travel plans start to fall into place we will be posting our schedule here.

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