Pictures from Julie’s Trip Interior.

These first few pictures are from Piramapun, which is just down river from Saman where the NTM missionaries are considering as there location of service.  The first picture is the landing area at Piramapun it’s nice and wide with a gentle curve in the landing and takeoff area.  The ocean is there as well but we choose not to operate on the ocean for a few reasons so a gentle curved river is our preferred landing zone.  

This picture is of Saman from overhead, the curve in the river here is a bit sharper.  Hopefully in the next few months I’ll have gained enough experience to be able to up the level of difficulty of my landing and takeoff locations.  

A random photo from the trip that Julie wanted me to include.

 This next group of photos are from Senggo, which is the place Julie mentioned regarding the book our family is reading together.

They are not standing on water as it may appear in the picture, there is a dock of sorts below their feet and yes below the water.

These next pictures are from Tanah Merah which means red soil.  We don’t have a dock here so we just find a good spot along the shoreline to pull up to and secure the plane.  The location changes depending on the water levels.  The week before these picture was taken, the high area where the people are standing and holding the rope was covered by about a foot of water and we ended up docking up river against a wood dock that during this visit was high and dry.  When the water is lower than this (which 2 days later was the case) we beach bit further down stream up against a gravel beach that is visible during low water times.  This like many of the places we go to our docking methods/locations vary with conditions.  (The flying is the easy part some days)

This picture is of the Boma or Bomakia airport terminal building.  This was our last stop before heading home that day.  Boma was previously an MAF base for float plane and wheel plane operation for the south coast several years ago. 

The MAF hanger just in front of the tower (left side of the picture) as we approach to land back home in Merauke.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we have the privilege of experiencing daily.

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