PK-MAO in the air once again

With grateful hearts we are in the midst of what has become a pretty busy flying month for our base here in Merauke.  The September’s calendar was filled very quickly with the hopes of MAO being up and ready to fly.  And for the most part we have been able to meet those special flight requests for Church events, missionaries, medivacs and even some general passenger flights.  Thank you for all your prayers for us as we worked hard at getting MAO back into the air and for continued prayer as we are now busy flying it again.  So much so that next Tuesday it will have 100hrs flight time already and will be ready for a mini inspection.  October will also be potentially a busy month for me as I will be the only pilot in Merauke for about 6 weeks.

An up and coming flight, which you can probably expect a post from, will happen this Saturday. As Julie will be joining me on my second outbound which will be taking us through a couple different places.  Last week I helped pickup 7 local church leaders for a training/leadership conference in Senggo.  And on Saturday I’ll be taking them back to their home villages, or at least close enough they can grab a speedboat or tinktink ride home on the river. Julie is pretty excited as this will be her first ride in the float plane.  I’ll make sure she is armed with the camera so we can include some pictures in a following post.

Also happy to report that the rest of the engine that previously was on MAO will be showing up tomorrow, which will allow us to get MPF back in the air serving Papua as well.  This will also free up our hanger again and possibly return operations back to normal, maybe ;-).  Sometimes I’m not sure what normal is suppose to look like anymore.  Keeps us on our toes or better yet our knees this way I suppose.

Thank you for your prayers and support, this summer we have been stretched and challenged in many ways, and through this we couldn’t have done it alone.  Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers.

Greg, Julie
Franklin, Isaac, & Jaclynn

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