Medivac Flights Now In Season

Well since the last blog post I’ve done 2 more medivac flights.  Friday night I got my “first” call for a weekend (day off) medivac flight.  It’s nice to be able to be in a position now that I can be called upon to do these kinds of flights.  Saturday morning I showed up to the airport surprised to hear that we had a full load to Kepi with less than 24 hrs notice, and I would also have a full load coming home.  I made sure that I had our stretcher on board this time as I didn’t want to be caught by surprise like I was with the two patients on Thursday’s flight to Kepi. Arriving in Kepi they already had the young girl on a stretcher that I could return the following Monday (today).  The stretcher isn’t much more secure then just gently strapping the person to the floor but it is likely a little more comfortable.  Off we went with the patient and other passengers filling the other seats.  All seemed to go well as we returned to Merauke, where the ambulance took the young lady to the hospital.  Monday morning (today) however, shortly after getting to the airport I received news that the young lady had passed away Sunday.

Today I was schedule for a Kepi on my second outbound just like last Thursday with the stretcher and O2 bottle from Saturday all loaded up to return.  When I arrived in Kepi again hoping for a quick turn around, (I had some maintenance that I needed to take care of after the flight home) I again received word that there was another patient that needed to get out to Merauke.  This time a 10 year old boy, that apparently had the same thing or something similar to the young lady I had picked up on Saturday.  So instead of returning the stretcher and O2 bottle it was utilize again.  And I pray this time that the outcome is different and that this boy will get a second chance at life and more importantly get an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ if he hasn’t already.

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