New Milestone of God’s Faithfulness in Our Family

     It has now been over twenty years since I (Julie) first felt the Lord calling me to missions. I remember feeling so excited about doing this one moment and then the next becoming totally terrified the next. For I new God called me but I never felt a clear call to doing translation work, medical work, or teaching at the time which was about all I had ever heard about women missionaries doing. It was just that simple call to go that began to take me down a path that has been so amazing that words can not describe it.
     This path led me straight into meeting my husband over 18 years ago and opening my eyes to a new world of missions that I never really knew that much about.  In fact my first plane ride only happened three weeks before I met my husband. Even though the world of mission aviation was new to me there was a draw from the very beginning. I enjoyed going up in the smaller planes and I loved seeing the passion in Greg as he went through his flight training. Little did I know or understand how much flight training or years of experience that it would take for him to reach where we are today.
     Which is why I find it to be such a blessing that Greg passed his flight test this week giving him permission to fly the float plane by himself. And yesterday our small team here in Merauke had the privilege of watching him complete his first solo flight. It was a cooler day here but the kids and staff enjoyed soaking him never the less.
     As I watched my husband climb out of that plane I could still see that same kind of passion that I saw inside of him when he was in college. He just loves to fly and he loves to share his love for flying while reaching out to the people  here in Papua.
     Here are a few pictures of his special day here at our Merauke hanger.


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