The Up’s and Down’s of Starting Over

    When you move to a new area it can be a time of excitement and wonder but also a time of confusion and stressful moments. I (Julie) like to refer to this time period as the foggy stage of a move and find that it takes me about two months before I start coming out of the fog and feel more normal. During this time I find myself busy beyond words as I am trying to unpack and organize the house. Keep the kids focused on setting up their rooms and not just playing with all their lost treasures that they have now found. Also there always seems to be one or two really important items that we thought we had packed in a great spot this time but are still always missing when it come to the unpacking stage. And most important of all trying to stay on top of those important things like knowing where to buy food, toilet paper, locating sheets for the beds, and towels for showers. Since moving to the mission field this would be about the time that I really miss have a local superstore around the corner that we could just pop into for all those little things.
    Since I have finally come out of the foggy stage of life I am feeling a lot better and have confidence that I will not go crazy after all. Despite all the work and stress of moving to a new city it can be a wonderful time of discovery and learning. The city of Meruake seems very spread out compared to the other places that we have lived in since arriving in Indonesia. I will also admit that I was really surprised when we got our first tour of the city. Most stores seem like mass chaos but here they are all organized with nice and neat shelves where you can find things. And most importantly when they restock the shelves it actually all goes back in the same place. Which is very helpful when you go shopping the next time. Then there is one entire street that is full of fruit stands on either side as you drive down the road. They are normally always selling the same kinds of fruits so you just kind of pick one and continue to go there an work and building a relationship. We also have veggie stands mixed in all through town here. Oh, then we have all the locals who set their fruits and veggies along the roads through out town plus there are two different pasar (markets) that you can find things in as well. Personally I was a little over whelmed at first but also thankful that we have so much here in this city compared to some of our other bases. And I am happy to report I have found a great fruit stand, two different veggie stands, one store that sells great chicken and eggs, another store which I can find bread and baking items, one store that we buy most of our other items, and a few that we just check out once in awhile that can normally bring in those hard to find items like tomato paste. As you can see this is not a shop at one store kind of town like back home but I get to meet a lot more people this way.
    The kids seem to be finally settling down more now that the house is set up and we have gotten a good school routine in place. It has been a year of constant moving so having a normal school routine is kind of nice. The kids (along with Greg and I) had a hard time adjusting to the intense heat but we are starting to find that they are getting use to it. Isaac by far had a hard time and was sick for about a month until we discovered that he had a iron issue which the heat was not helping. Now that we are getting him a little more healthy he is enjoying life more. They all enjoy the fact that we are only about a 5 minute bike ride from the beach and we have made it out a couple of times. Even though this city has a very small expat community (only 7 families at the moment) we find ourselves always getting together with the other families which helps with being so far from everyone.
    At the moment we seem to be healthy and Greg is preparing for a full 5 day flight week next week so he could use your prayers. A couple of those days are overnight trips which means that while he is gone I am busy keeping life going here at home. Please also keep Isaac in your prayers as we work to bring up his iron levels. And we are also about to meet our new pembantu (house helper) and see if it will work for her to come one or possible two days to help with house work. It has been about a year in a half since we have had a house helper so it will be adjust having someone in the house again.
    Thank you for all your amazing prayers and encouraging emails that you have sent us over these past weeks and months. You are all amazing and we feel so blessed to have you walking along side of us through out this journey.

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