PK-MAO Moving Day

The day has come when we briefly say goodbye to our stuff (mainly motorcycles) again. Uncle Tom and PK-MAO are heading to Merauke (our future home) today with the rest of our stuff except a few sets of clothes and carry on items that we will bring with us on Friday.  It seems kind of funny how being without our bikes for just a couple days can seem like such an inconvenience when we have access to other modes of transportation at our finger tips.  I’m still learning how easy expectations and conveniences (standard of living) can cloud our focus, especially when the statues quo changes.  My Jesus however is good and faithful regardless.

2 thoughts on “PK-MAO Moving Day

  1. You must have been up pretty early this morning, because it's 4:50 p.m. on Tuesday and I'm already getting your Wednesday morning message!

    We are going to be praying for your move tomorrow night (i.e. Wednesday night) and for your adjustments as you all settle in. We'll especially remember Isaac!!


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