Wrapping up Another Year

     As we welcome in another year I feel so blessed by God for all the adventures, lessons, fun surprises, and growing times that He has placed in front of our family this past year. I am always in amazement when I take a moment and look back to see what God has brought us through. I am thankful for His leading hand, His wisdom, and His great love that has been guiding our family as we serve here in Papua.
      Our family has had a very busy month here in Papua as we packed our sea container and sent it; helped send two families to there new bases; tackled homeschooling with our three children; Greg spent many hours working in the hanger this month and helping on the flight line; attended a wonderful MAF Christmas party; and was able to also attend a wonderful Christmas Eve service with our church family here. This was the first time in about six years that we actually got to celebrate Christmas in the same city (not the same house though) two years in a row. It was a wonderful day filled with special moments and fun family time along with talking to family and friends back home.
      Our family would like to say thank for all your wonderful support and prayers through out this past year. We feel so blessed to have you all walking this journey with us and could not imagine doing this without you all. God Bless and Happy New Year!!!!

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