Settling In Once Again

   We are very thankful for all the prayers and support that keep us moving forward.  We’ve been back in Papua for a week now and are getting settled into our temporary place of residence.  It looks like the plan will be for  us to move sometime mid-late January to Merauke.  I just recently got back from a quick trip to Merauke, getting to see a bit of the town and our future home.

   I also logged my first flight in PK-MAO to meet an Indonesian requirement for validation of my FAA pilot certificate.  The flight went well, not that I don’t have a lot yet to learn but I can say that I wasn’t as overwhelmed as I thought I might have been flying PK-MAO.

  Kids are doing well enjoying base life again with lots of friends close at hand.  I think our neighbourhood in Merauke will be a good fit for the kids too as the street is quite enough that I think we will be able to let them ride their bikes freely around the neighbourhood.  I didn’t see many other kids during my visit but I wasn’t really looking either at the time,  Time will tell if there will be kids to play with.  If not in our neighbourhood there are lots of kids in the area.  Julie started school again today with the kids as all our bags have rejoined us here in Papua. It looks like we are only short some empty dvd cases as far as we can tell.  Sorry to the person who was hoping for some free videos, their excitement would have been short lived once they discovered we carried the dvds themselves separate from their respective cases.

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