Where did August Go?

Wow another month has come and gone.  So where has the time gone?  Well we started out with a couple family gatherings at the begining of the month, along with celebrating Franklin’s 13th birthday.  Then the kids were off to Camp Little Red for six days.  Julie and I almost got away for a romantic weekend before we got called and needed to pick up a munchkin early from camp.  He made it 3 days before calling home for an early pick up but still had a good time.  Thankfully this happen before we had to pay a cancellation penalty for the hotel room.  Maybe we’ll still be able to get away for a night or two yet before we travel back to Indonesia.  After camp we headed out on a 2,300 mile (3,700 km) road trip starting out with heading to Sandpoint, Hayden Lake area in North Idaho for some float flying and camping.  Yep, I had the privilege of learning the ropes of changing a boat into an airplane and then changing the airplane back into a boat.  So while I as playing on and off the water with a Piper PA-12 Julie and the kids were playing in the water at the beach most days.  Pictures below.  After my check ride (flight test) we packed up the tent and continued South to Nampa where we spent sometime with some friends.  We also  made our first church presentation since leaving for Indonesia two years ago.  Monday morning we packed back up and headed north where we camped a couple more nights back at the same camp site we stayed at the week before.  This time I could relax a little bit more, no late night studying and being gone all day bouncing on and off the water.  Now that August is over and we have welcomed September we also welcomed Julie’s parents arriving at the Calgary airport.  We are looking forward to making some memories with them this coming week.  Not sure all what we will be doing yet but I’m sure it will be full of fun times.

Jaclynn’s Big Catch.

Isaac learning the ropes on dirt biking.

Franklin enjoying water sports.

Happy 13th Franklin.

Off to Camp Little Red

Hunter reliving his maintenance man days at CLR.

Jaclynn’s turn to learn how to manage a dirt bike.

Piper PA-12

Still airworthy and seaworthy after lesson 1.

Home away from home.

He did have some fun even if the face says otherwise.

Indonesian conditioned blood.

Canadian conditioned blood.

Round two.

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