Re-entry Culture Shock

Well our family has been in country now for about two weeks and I (Greg) still find ourselves adjusting but doing well for the most part.  Here is a list of things that seem strange to us but actually should be familiar:

– Driving from the opposite side of the vehicle and road then when we drive a vehicle in Indonesia.  Once established here on the road it doesn’t seem to be an issue, however when making turns on and off the road I have found myself looking the wrong direction for traffic. And once in a while ending up on the wrong side of the road briefly.

– The handle on the toilet is on the opposite side compared to Indonesia and even functions the opposite direction as well.  Many times I find myself searching on the wrong side for the handle and then when I do find it I try and pull it up rather than push down.

– Passing things with only my right hand only.  It still feels strange to me to pass someone some thing with my left hand. For in Indonesia the left hand is viewed as being unclean (use your imagination for what they would use one hand for that would make it unclean)and is not used for a lot of things.

– Hearing English all the time and along with that trying not to speak Indonesian with someone that is of Asian descent.

– So far shopping hasn’t been as overwhelming as we thought it might be.  Switching back from a cash based system back to a card based system has not being without a couple moments of uncertainly and awkward feelings as card use protocol was fogging in my memory.  Thankfully I hadn’t forgotten that number.

– Our blood is still a bit thin after two weeks, hopefully by the time fall and winter rolls in our blood has thickened up.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family.  We would like to connect with as may as we can during the course of September and October, so please call or email us and let us know when it would work in your schedule to reconnect.

the dole clan.
403-586-8040 (Greg’s Cell)
403-586-8042 (Julie’s Cell)

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