More Right Aileron Trim Required

Thankfully the solution was provided on Wednesday of last week for our IFR problem that had arose the previous week that I mentioned in our last blog. After taking care of that problem then came the a PFR (proficiency flight review) the next day which was successfully completed.  With both of these items behind me the right seat next to me became vacant, and the airplane was a bit left wing heavy.  Okay maybe not enough to make a noticeable difference!  I couldn’t have asked for a better day for my first solo flight here in Papua.  It’s not very often you can see the top of Cyclops (mountain between Sentani and the Pacific Ocean) 100 miles out.  On the return leg I had the privilege of bringing seven passengers with me that wanted to get to Sentani.  I was a little concerned about having passengers for the return trip knowing what awaited me back on the ground in Sentani.  The ground crew was good about getting the passengers off the plane before the traditional soaking commenced. It also happened to be the kids first day of summer vacation so all the kids from the base along with ours had a great time joining in the water throwing.

Waiting for papa.

Waiting by the radio

Short Final

Taxing in to park

Good time had by all

Yep Franklin is now taller than mom.

Alva getting a wet shoulder.

After a quick change of cloths and handing in the paperwork our family climbed into another plane captained by Uncle Steve (my instructor pilot prior to my solo) and headed to Wamena to visit friends.  This was the first time out into the interior for Julie and the kids. Saturday we ventured out for a drive and found a cool cave to explore.  The boys seemed fearless, Jaclynn however was a bit nervous.  The Wamena weather is cooler for sure but this Canadian blood isn’t completely thinned out yet, but it’s not as thick as it once was 2 years ago. Sunday we ventured out again and found a suspension bridge that well you’ll see the pictures.  Then we flew back via Trigana Monday afternoon.    

Uncle Steve’s new co-pilot.

Just excited to go and see friends

Not everyday Franklin can say he’s sitting closer to the controls than dad.

The view doesn’t get much better than this!

Celebrating #9 a few days late but with friends.

Fishing from a dugout canoe 

Can’t say that I’d be able to do this and stay dry.

Suspension bridge not for the faint of heart.

Not sure it was a good idea for a 200+lber to cross this but I did anyway

Local going for a swim, looks like fun but not in what I was wearing.

Hiking with friends.

Cave exploring.

Wamena Airport waiting area, yep pretty much a pole shed with some seats.

We had a great time and we look forward to visiting Wamena and possibly some of the other MAF bases in the future.

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