The Grand Unveiling

Wow wow wow!!! The wait is over.

I was surprised we didn’t get more guesses but for those that guessed without submitting it, here it is.

Merauke is the winner!  We are all pretty excited, Isaac being the exception as he was really hoping for Wamena where his best friend is headed.  We will be trying to arrange some family trips to Wamena so they can see each other throughout the year.

Merauke is a unique base in Papua as this is where our Amphib Caravan operates from.  So yes a bit more training ahead as I’ve yet to fly anything off the water. Overall we are super excited with this assignment for many different reasons.  I’m looking forward to flying the longer leg flights which are common in Merauke.  We are also excited to be able to continue to live with in a local Indonesian neighbourhood in Merauke.  The kids are all hoping for AC in their bedrooms, this has yet to be determined, electricity is not cheap here.

Our move to Merauke will happen likely around the end of the year.  There are a few things that need to happen before we move, the main one being that there is no house to live in at this time.  Next week infact the MAF construction crew is traveling to Merauke to start building what will become our home upon it’s completion.  Not sure how we managed to land ourselves a new house to live in for our first term, praise the Lord we’ll do our best to enjoy it.

In the meantime while we wait I’ll continue to fly and serve here in Sentani.  Below are a couple family photo’s taken next to my current ride the Grand Caravan on wheels.  It’s a sweet ride and can haul a ton of stuff or people which makes it a very useful tool to serve the people of Papua through transporting everything from rice and pigs to missionary families bring the Good News to the isolated people of Papua.

The following pictures are of my family with my future ride Amphib Caravan.  The transition training will likely happen as early as this fall/winter or after our move possibly.

I also wanted to share a couple photos of the Amphib at work.  The following photos I’ve found in the MAF photo library.  In Papua this is the only amphib plane in operation.  MAF also has 2 C185’s on floats in Central Kalimantan.  To my knowledge these are the only 3 planes in all of Indonesia capable of serving people groups living in isolation near rivers or lakes that don’t have a landing strip other than the river/lake itself.  It’s a very unique ministry that our family will be joining in Merauke later this year.  A huge thank you to all who continually stand with us through prayer and financially support of MAF, as we continue to journey forward being salt and light here in Sentani and not to far off in Merauke.  Blessings from the dole clan.

One thought on “The Grand Unveiling

  1. Great to hear your news and sense your excitement! Sounds like you are going to be working in a rather unique setting – offhand, don't know that I had ever connected MAF and flying with floats — always visualized the tiny landing strips in the jungle! And a new house also! Man, the kids are growing .. please give them our greetings!


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