Sehari-hari Salatiga

The following video is a small look at some of what life was like for our family while in Salatiga this past year.  I apologize it does have a few small editing errors that I didn’t have time to fix as I only had a short window to get it up on the web while we were in Jakarta.

Before we get to the video, here is a quick family update.  All the visa stuff is finished so once I return to Papua in the morning I can start getting my hands dirty which I’m excited about.  During our trip to Jakarta for visas, Franklin noticed that his left collar bone looked different and after showing it to Julie and talking with some very wise people here it was decided that Franklin and I would stay another night so that we could get a doctor to look it over in the morning while Julie and the other 2 kids went home on schedule.  I’m happy to report that they made it back safe and sound.  For Franklin, we were able to get into see the doctor first thing this morning and learned that his collar bone was broken and was already well into the healing process.  So nothing at this point in time needs to be done other than Franklin has to be careful and no more falling off play structures and the like.  We are not 100% sure when but we think he broke it about 6 weeks ago when we were on vacation in Jepara.  Our family was enjoying a banana boat ride altogether until it came to a very quick end dumping all of us in the shallow waters near the beach.  All five of us had something hurting and for Franklin it was his left shoulder.  His fall in Sentani didn’t seem to have a sore shoulder related to it but I’m sure it wasn’t good for it.  So Franklin and I are heading back to Sentani tonight and will join the rest of our family tomorrow morning.

I hope to have some more photos and videos maybe soon as I get my hands dirty and possibly see what Papua looks like from the air as well.  Hope you enjoy this short clip from what some of our life in Salatiga was like.  Sentani, Papua is quit different so I will work at putting together another video maybe for next year or the next time I’m in a location with internet that is capable of me uploading a video to our blog.

// Sehari-hari Short from Greg on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Sehari-hari Salatiga

  1. very fun to watch your day. I didn't see Julie pick up anything at the market, I was watching to see what she would buy 🙂


  2. I found you through the Barber family's blog. Just wanted to drop by with a word of encouragement. 🙂 So thankful that you all are there devoting your lives to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus. It is so encouraging to see your family serving Him together. We first heard of MAF while reading the book about Nate Saint and Jim Elliot for our homeschool curriculum. So very grateful to know the work is going forward. God bless you all!!


  3. By the time Julie started to shop I felt I had enough footage to show what the market was like and I was getting tired of the strange looks I was getting for having the video camera sticking out of my shirt. :). Julie would often buy meat and vegetables from the local market there which was housed inside the building we were walking around in the video.


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