Around 4:30 a.m. there is normally a very distant and faint call to prayer heard then sometime around 5:30ish the sound of turbines spooling up as airplanes get ready for their morning flights is heard now.  That is right we are not in Salatiga anymore!!! In Salatiga we heard the calls to prayer which were rather close and rather loud at times and rarely an airplane was ever heard.  As we move on to Sentani we do however leave behind some great friends. These are just a few of our dear friends from Salatiga that I was able to find photos of.

Salatiga Team

Pak Aryono and Ibu Yani.
My older brother Pak Sutrisno and his family.

We arrived in Sentani Saturday morning off the red eye from Jakarta.  The kids hit the ground running making new friends quickly with the other MK’s here in Sentani.  We got a tour around the area and later in the evening they welcomed our family and another new family also from Canada with a group pizza party.  The party however was cut a little short after Franklin took a dive off the top level of the playground bouncing a couple times on the way down.  Praise the Lord however he came away with only some scrapes and bruises.

Base Playground
Home sweet home for the next few weeks
Guesthouse common area.

The next few weeks we will be living in the MAF guesthouse until our stuff from Java arrives. After which we will move to Pos Tujuh (Post 7) a community that was previously used by Gen. MacArthur during WWII to house his staff.  The kids started school yesterday and are enjoying it for the most part except getting Isaac ready on day 2 was a bit of challenge. Hopefully he will adjust to the new routine soon.

Isaac and Jaclynn off to school.

The school bus (not all school buses are yellow)
Franklin and Julie hard at their studies day one too.

Julie and I have had a tour around the MAF facilities here so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t at least share a few photos as well so you can get a small taste of what things look like here.

Main entrance

Kodiak on the flight line

Caravan on the flight line

Old retired 206’s waiting for a container to ship back to the US

I’ll try and take some more pictures and add to the tour in later blogs.  One of my favorite parts of the tour was the book case full of Bible translations that MAF has been apart of helping become a reality through supporting those that have faithfully worked through the translation process over the past 60 years here in Papua.  I will have to take another picture however the first attempted didn’t pan out.

Blessings to all that have and continue to walk this journey together with our family.

the dole clan

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