The Container Day

Not sure what to say outside of what the pictures say.  Sunday morning we had a 20′ sea container arrive and we filled it with our furniture and belongings along with 3 other families that shared with us.  We had lots of wonderful help from our team mates as well as Indonesian friends.  We started around 8:45am and finished the main stuff around 1:00 and since we still had some room I ran downtown and bought a fridge and freezer.  We weren’t sure if we were going to have space so we held off buying until we knew for sure.  It all fit and hopefully in the next 5 weeks we will be reunited with it in Sentani.  We made it safely to Jakarta today and will be spending the next few days here.  We are tentatively booked to fly to Sentani Thursday night around 11:50pm arriving around 8:00am Friday.  But we are waiting on some visa issues to be sorted out first so our stay in Jakarta might be extended.  We had some hard goodbyes to say, I’m thankful that I can say that I left a piece of my heart there just like our past moves from Alberta, Manitoba, Michigan and Idaho as well.  We had a great time in Salatiga with all the highs and lows this past year.  We are looking forward to Papua with fear and trembling as we go through another transition from normal to unfamiliar territory again but also knowing that a new normal will develop again soon or later in Papua as well. The following pictures are a collection from our filling the container day.  
Blessings Thank you all for continuing on with us through this journey serving our Lord and Savior here in Indonesia.  We couldn’t be doing this without you being apart of our team through prayer support, financial support, encouraging cards a letters and so forth.

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