One Year Ago/Twelve Years Ago

Greetings,  Wow one year ago August 5th we landed in Indonesia.  Not only did we get to celebrate our 1 year in Indonesia at the beach we got to celebrate Franklin’s 12th birthday.  August seems to be the month for change for our family.  Almost every year for the past 6 years except maybe one year our family has moved, or had a major career change in the month of August.  So keeping with times after we return from our short vacation here on the north shore of Java we will pack our sea container with our belongings and head to Papua next week.  Monday we will be flying to Jakarta for a few days for paperwork and visa processing things and later in the week likely Thursday night we will make the final leg of our journey to Papua and arrive sometime there Friday morning.  Then hopefully in the weeks to follow our stuff will join us there as well.

A little more on our vacation in Jepara (north shore of Java).  We found our self staying at a nice little resort with beach front property and a pool.  Which means we have been doing a lot of swimming.  We also found ourselves a boat ride to a small island off the coast which turned out to be a relaxing walk around an Island.  I was hoping for some snorkeling no luck on that one.  But maybe in Papua I’ll be able to find someone that knows the right places to go.  I was able to enjoy a sunrise and a couple sunsets from the beach.  We also made an unforgettable family memory being thrown from a banana boat only minor injuries for most of us :-).

Here are a few pictures for our trip.

Family Photo-shoot

Day 2 at the beach

Not sure what to say on this one 🙂

The boys checking out the dock.

Sunset night 2

Sunrise day 3

Cursing to Pulau Panjang (Long Island)

Buildings on Pulau Panjang

A tree looking like a snake wrapping around another tree.

Strolling around Pulau Panjang.

Some of the beach on the island.

Vegetation in the center of the small island.

Around 45 minutes to circumnavigate Pulau Panjang. 

Get ready to board our ship again to the main land of sorts the Island of Java.

Our sturdy ride.

Kids enjoying the beach near our hotel.

I think Franklin’s got a hitchhiker on the back of his boat.

Me watching some small fish swim around my legs

Snake that I happened to see just outside our cottage.

Franklin celebrating the big number 12

In a couple days I’ll try and get a post up regarding our move we are in the middle of at the moment.  Blessings from the Dole clan.

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