Beach Trip with Isaac

Thursday morning Isaac and I headed out on our beach adventure.  We enjoyed a nice uneventful drive to the beach which is always a blessing with these roads and traffic.  Leaving the house around 9:30 am and with some leisurely stops we made it to the beach around 2:00 pm  We started our stay eating at a local warung makan which is kind of like a local diner in America but a lot more rustic in methods and style, which fits my personalty well.  Isaac and I well mostly I enjoyed a simple dish of nasi goreng which is a standard meal of fired rice.  Usually Isaac really likes nasi goreng but this time it was a little to spicy for his liking.  We then took some time to explore around the beach and examine some shoreline creatures.  The weather wasn’t quite as nice as my previous trip with Franklin.  The waves were bigger, windy, and overcast but Isaac still had a blast.  We spent the night there and Isaac slept well as he has a knack for sleeping anywhere.  In the morning the tide was high and the waves were even bigger than the first day. Isaac gave me a couple good scars but he did pretty good obeying and staying in the shallows.  Around 10 am we were back on the road heading for home with another thankfully uneventful trip.  Well almost uneventful I saw my first live snake here in Indonesia crossing the road in front of us and it was a big one too spanning half the road.  Below are a few pictures of our adventure at the beach.

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