Out With The Old And In With The New

Maybe a little cold heart-ted my title but it kind of fits.  These next couple weeks will mark some big changes here in Salatiga as we say goodbye to a couple families and welcome another new one.  We still try to patiently wait news of when we will look forward to packing as well.  Did I just say “look forward to packing” I must be not feeling well maybe Julie needs to feel my forehead.  This up and coming move will be like many of our moves before as we look forward to our next place of service yet we will have to say the hard goodbyes to many friends here in Salatiga as well.  We hope that this next week we will have some direction on when we will be heading east to Papua.  We are in communication with a number of people as we need to sort out some planning issues ahead of time regarding what we need to try and accomplish before moving on to Papua.

A prayer request attached to this is we can exercise patients as we wait for feed back in regards to different issues that have recently come up.  Nothing serious just some extra details that may effect our move date.  Once we have a date we can begin to seriously look at how to ship our furniture that we have acquired during our time here in Salatiga, and order our appliances and the like.  Prayer in regards to this is that the Lord would give us wisdom and discernment as to how to balance between what we need, want, and what is excessive.

One of the major of these minor issues is we are trying to decide on, is whether or not to take Franklin to Singapore for some testing which may or may not give us more information as to how to help and continue Franklin’s learning process.  We are concerned that the testing will only prove what we already know and give us tools that we may already have as well.  If the testing reveals new information and or provide us with more tools to add to what we have it will be worth the money spent.  We have seen some huge improvements in Franklin’s abilities particularly in the area of reading this year.  The other option and possible thought that has come up is to send Julie on a 2-3 week course that will give her training in a technique that Franklin has been taught with by a fellow teammate this year which seems to be the key that has started to unlock Franklin’s reading.  This summed up please pray that we have wisdom concerning if there will be significant value in the Singapore testing to proceed or say no.  Either way that peace would fill our hearts once the decision is made.

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