The Beach Get Away

Well after only living on a tropical island for 8 months Franklin and I finally made it to a beach or two.  The rest of the family though are still waiting for their turn.  Wednesday morning Franklin and I headed out on our adventure, only a couple delays of road construction and some medium volume traffic and 3ish hours we arrived at our first beach represented in most of the pictures to follow.  We also ended up staying the night there as well in a quaint little room.  The bed was a little short for me but I got a few hours of sleep.  Unfortunately I can’t upload videos of descent quality but we I came home with several hours of some great video shots including a sunset and sunrise.  I haven’t previewed all of the video yet but the few samples I’ve looked at turned out pretty good.  So I can’t share the videos via our blog but I can share some of the pictures that were taken on our trip.
Sebelah Barat Pantai Siung
Siung Beaches West Side

First time on a beach in the South East Asia

Sebelah Timor Pantai Siung
Siung Beaches East Side

Facing South.

Exploring the west side of the beach

Still in Awe

Exploring the east side of the beach.  The wave on the left edge of the picture takes this poor fisherman for a swim.

Front window/door of the local dinner.

Beach number 2 ahead.  No sand at this one but people living and working the ocean here as well.

Beach number 3.  Again no sand but a cool little water fall that some kids were playing beneath.

I think this was taken at the 3rd beach as well.

From atop sunset point back at the first beach.

Hanging out waiting for the sunset.

What a beautiful sunset it was.

Full or almost full moon.

Looking down at the beach from atop the nearest hill to the east catching the sunrise.

Rainbow from the sunrise against a rain shower out at sea.

Our quaint room for the night.

Beach number 4 which we briefly stop at on the way home Thursday morning.

All and all the trip was a great time had by both myself and Franklin.  I was a bit worried he wouldn’t enjoy himself but he did well even the 6 hours or so on the back of the bike there and back.  Hope to get the rest of the family to these beaches or maybe a different one soon.  Julie, Isaac, and Jaclynn did well studying hard while Franklin and I played in the sand.

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