These past few weeks as I think of our blog we’ve struggled with what to put on here as things continue to plod along with our regular routine of school and homework and then more school with a break on the weekend to relax and go swimming, nothing really new or exciting.  These past few days however both Julie and I received news of family members passing on.  Thankfully both Julie’s Aunt and my great Uncle are now home in the arms of Jesus, they both will be missed greatly by our families.  Grieving abroad is a surreal feeling as if it hasn’t happened and our family members and friends are not really gone we just aren’t able to get around to seeing them again.  As I reflex on this I don’t know if or when it will sink in as I also think of my two dear friends that previously passed on, since moving away and if it has really sunk in that I won’t be seeing them again on this side of heaven.  Unless I really stop to think about them in the back of my mind they are just a phone call away which I just haven’t made in while or I just haven’t bumped into them at the local grocery store recently.  As you think and pray for our family these coming weeks please pray for our extended families as they mourn the lost of loved ones and for us as well.  The process of mourning here, I think I can safely say it’s not harder or easier just different.  As I look ahead I don’t know the future but I expect this won’t be the last time the Lord calls a friend or family member home before our return.  We are very thankful for the time together Lord has given to us, and may we not take fore-granted our time today with friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. sorry about your loss. Rejoicing for their completeness in Him. Praying for you all today. God bless you! Joni


  2. We will be praying for you all – both the family here at home and for you all way over there.
    Brian and Joy


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