Snow Day!!!

Snow day in Indonesia!!!  Well not really but the kids did get an ash day as school today was canceled due to ash.  Not to worry back home the volcano is about 160miles/260kms away so we just get to experience the ash.  The yard is usually a dark brown almost black but as you can see from the picture we have a good coating of ash on the ground with more still falling.  I saw a car drive by and it looked like driving in light snow with a large swirl of ash behind.  I’m hoping my Julie is in a forgiving mod today I had great intentions of picking up some flowers this morning for valentines but I really don’t want to subject my lungs or our bikes to ingesting ash so maybe later if it rains or tomorrow I’ll grab some late valentines flowers instead.  So today might be a card and board game day inside.  Tomorrow I was planning on going with or friend Pak Sutrisno to Ponorogo which is in east Java about half way between here and the volcano, but I think I might take a rain check or maybe an ash check in this case.

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