Kali Pancur

Last Friday I stole Franklin away from his studies for the morning and we headed out on an adventure just the two of us to Kali Pancur.  Tempat ini, oops this place is a beautiful water fall nestled between two villages.  It was only about 8 kms away as the crow flies but by jalan, I mean road,14 kms away and at an average speed of about 30 km/hr and with a couple breaks 45mins later we arrived at our destination.  Oh, ya the GPS took us to the wrong village at first but after asking for some directions from the locals we found the other village with the access to the falls.  I had a few motives for making this particular outing.  One motive is this has become my hobby as it were here, finding exotic roads and places on the back of my fairly faithful iron horse.  The second motive was I wanted to spend sometime with Franklin. And 3rdly there was a geocache there.  The outing was successful on the first two levels enjoying time on the back of JR (my iron horse) and best of all time well spent with Franklin.  But no luck finding the geocache, so far all my attempts at geocaching here I’ve come up empty handed.  My last attempt at geocaching I got with in 80 meters before the trail disappeared and I didn’t have a machete along to make my own trail the rest of the way to the top of Mt. Gajah.

We have been hearing that most of our family and friends are mengalami kedinginan experiencing and suffering from the cold.  So if you need a break from winter you can always come for a visit just make sure you pack a good rain coat and rain pants.

PS: For language school I’ve been writing 5 one page essays every week, so sometimes the Indonesian words pop-out before the English word when I sit down to write something.  So for those interested in a little in bahasa Indonesia I leave them in and carry on.

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