Misc. Pictures

Mud fights at the soccer field.  A lot of hand scrubbing before the kids or the clothes were clean again.

Mount Merbabu, some day I might make it to the top.

Biking with Franklin and Julie

Isaac’s first fruits from his tomato planet.

Bat sleeping in our classroom window.

No this is not photo shopped.  I’ve seen this now maybe 3 or 4 times before but wasn’t able to get my camera out fast enough.  Four bed frames one scooter and one driver.  Not sure how he unloads and loads?

What’s left of the receptacle and wire for our water pump.  Thankfully the fire was outside the house.  Although we might have found it faster if it was inside.

Molten plastic from our electrical fire.

What was left of the cord end for the pump.

Making repairs via lampu sepeda motor.

One massive wedding cake.  I think it had to been over 10′ tall.

No fire but lots of smoke from our washing machine.

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