Landscape Photos

The first 3 photos are taken from the shelter of our home during a “light” rainstorm.  “Light” being relative of course as from what I recall from back home this would be consider a medium to hard rain.  It had been raining a bit harder just before I got the idea to try and photograph it so maybe next time it comes down supper hard I’ll remember to grab a photo sooner.  I think if you click on the photo’s that is bigger the rain is a little clearer.
Neighbors down roof across the street

Side of the house

The following pictures are from my solo bike trip up Mt. Telomoyo Saturday afternoon which is close to Salatiga.  I had an interesting encounter with the polisi “police” I came across a check stop and was asked for my SIM which I don’t have yet at least an Indonesian SIM (Driver’s Licence).  So a little nervously I handed him my Alberta Drivers and then he asked for my prof of ownership which is a fancy piece of paper that I did have.  He then asked where I was going, where I lived, where I was from, why I was in Indonesia. Then sent me on way, very pleasant and polite which isn’t always going to the the case.  Hopefully today or tomorrow we will have our SIM and then the heart won’t pound quite so hard when I’m asked for my SIM.

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