Micky D’s

Well I never thought I would say that I enjoyed eating 3 nights in a row at McDonald’s for supper but I did.  Our family along with 2 other families had to venture to Jakarta for a couple days to renew our passports.  Yep it’s been almost 60 days already in country and our temporary visas came due.  Couple of the big high lights beside eating at McDonald’s was having A/C in the hotel rooms and for Julie best of all they were ant free.  As well the kids loved eating at McDonald and in all honesty I enjoyed it too.  The passport renewal procedure was pretty painless as we had an amazing MAF team there that help us go through the process.  We also navigated taxi rides, shopping malls, airports with using our new basic language skills and managed to accomplish our goals and return safely home.  Some of the surprises or down sides of  the trip was that we had four twin beds in two different rooms for our family so we were short a bed.  Julie was the hero and shared a bed with Jaclynn.  The city was crazy busy for this Canadian farm boy.  But I guess when you are in a city with possibly more people than all of Canada things will be busy and crowded.  I was glad to get back to Salatiga where life moves a little slower.

I wish we were better with the camera as we saw so much and took so little pictures sorry.

Okay this wasn’t Jakarta but it was our first care package from home 🙂

One of our rooms in Jakarta.

View from our window.

Cattle hauler Indonesian style.

 Basicly it was a small pickup truck with some side rails and they tied the cattle in place.  Saw a couple that were a bit bigger and had four cows in those ones.  This one only had 2.

Enjoying Pizza Hut for Lunch.

On the scooter side of things I can hardly believe that in essentially 5 days of driving we put just over a 100kms on it already wow.  My feet are very thankful for the wheels.

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