New Found Freedom of Sorts

Well it finally worked out to buy a set of wheels.  When we set out from Canada we’re hoping to manage without.  But we soon discovered that we were just to far away from somethings, mainly school.  To purchase a bike it’s not quite as straight forward as back home either.  We still don’t have the correct visa for the long term, which also means that we can’t own property like vehicles, houses and the like.  So we got help from a good friend of MAF (local of Salatiga) that was willing to put the bike in his name for the time being.  I wish I thought of taking a picture of the odometer sooner but I didn’t think of it till 10kms in, as we likely won’t have another one is with only 1.3kms.  Currently we can’t go to far from home as we don’t have plates for it yet but we still managed to put 40+kms in a day and a half.  I think we should get some better gas mileage as well.  It only holds 3.6L from what I gathered from the owners manual which came in one language and it wasn’t English :).  And with a liter of bensin ranging from $0.55-$0.70/liter roughly I’m thinking our gas budget will be a little lower here which will be nice.  Multipule trips will however be in order as 5 large Canadians just don’t quite fit on a Vario like 5 Indonesians would.

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