How Great is Our God!!!

How you ever woken up one morning and everything just seems to go wrong.  That is how my (Julie) Sunday morning seemed to go as I was looking at our clocks wrong and was an hour behind.  And as most of us know getting your family ready for church can be stressful on any given Sunday without adding to the fact that you are actually an hour behind. Thankfully, I realized my mistake half an hour before church started and we where only about five minutes late. I must say that my children have become great speed walkers these past couple of weeks! On top of this we all of a sudden had no propane for our stove this morning (after just putting in a new propane tank) which can really throw a person for a lope there.  I was especially missing a McDonald’s as we did not have any cereal or bread this morning and it is hard to cook eggs without any heat. So thankful for banana bread and apple cake as that is what we found to eat this morning. By the time I arrive at church I am pretty stressed and thinking ahead of how I was going to make lunch without a stove that is working.  And then God  just hits something home that had me in tears.  As we came to the to the part of the song where we began to sing “How great is our God” I realized that I really was putting God in a box and limited what I was allowing Him to do.  If He can move mountains, create the whole world and raise people from the dead  ( just to name a few things) then why in the world am I worrying about Him not being able to help me through my small problems. I am always amazed how God can take little things in our lives and teach us big lessons.  We do serve an Amazing God who is Great beyond description so let us live like we actually believe this deep down in the inner being of our soul!!
And after a great worship time we arrived home and Greg was able to figure out the problem with the stove and we were able to have a warm lunch. How Great is Our God!!!

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