Back Yard/Front Yard Wildlife

We have the privilege of cohabiting with several different types of animals in and around our house.  So far the only cockroaches I’ve see have been dead ones that the ants are harvesting for food.  Speaking of ants we have them in all shapes and sizes in and outside the house.  One small green lizard thing (about 8″ long) in the back yard that somehow survived about 30-45 mins. of being Tina’s play toy (Dog).  I think we have rats in the attic but I am not sure, whatever it is they sound big and tend to be up when we are trying to sleep.  I have managed to get a few pictures of some of the wildlife that is definitely not what we are uses to.  

Small Banana Spider I think.  He was only about the size of a silver dollar.  They get much larger here as friends found one the size of a man’s face the other day in their yard.

This guy is a little harder to see.  Had he not moved his throat I probably wouldn’t  have seen him.  

The common gecko.  We have these everywhere and the kids are still pretty fascinated with them too.  They help eat some of the bugs so we like them to hang around. 

Glad we found this one on it’s back dead today.  It was about 4-5″ long.  I have no idea why it was upside down dead on our front porch but that’s how and where we found this one.

Same one just flipped over.  We did see a small one about an inch long the first morning we were here it was also taken to the second dimension via a big foot.
We haven’t seen any live snakes or large reptiles yet.  So far the only snake was a small very flat 2 dimensional one that didn’t make it across the road. One of our family’s routines has been gecko watching just before bed as they tend to come out more after the sun goes down.  Usually our side porch has 6 or more running around the roof and walls.  The children’s goal is to try and catch a gecko to keep but so far no luck!

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