Traveling Around the World

Calgary airport with all our baggage

1st stop Vancouver

Enjoying some A-Team before boarding our plane to Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2nd stop Monday morning about 6:30am

Finished Breakfast from McDonald’s only costing $132.20HKD Which translated to $17.72CAN

Another view from the Hong Kong terminal.

Things kind of got busy and we forgot to take pictures from the Jakarta’s airport and Semarang airport.  I will say that the Jakarta airport I think I could safely say they have more A&W restaurants than most small cities in the NA.  So we did enjoy a somewhat familiar meal for supper that afternoon before we boarded our last flight to Semarang.  After we arrived in Semarang we collected all our bags which we are happy to report made the trip without losing a single one along the way at the different connections.  It was then about an hour and a half I think (I slept a lot during the drive) to our home here in Salatiga where we were able to spend our first night in country in our beds for the next while.

Today is our second full day here and Julie is out shopping with some of our friends that have been here for about 6 weeks and have a pretty good feel of the place already.  And later this morning I will be going out to pick up sim cards for our cell phones so we can use them again :).

All in all it has been a wonderful experience so far realizing however that there will be some difficult times ahead. Particularly next week when we start language studies which will both be difficult but will help make day to day life easier.

Here are some pictures of our house for the next 6 months.  The house belong to missionaries whom are currently on furlough in the states. So we are kind of house and dog sitting until they return sometime around the new year.  We will then move to another house that is will be empty as the MAF family that is there now will be moved on to their program.  It’s a very nice house with 3 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms which seemed strange but I hear that no two houses are a like here in Indonesia unlike many of our neighborhoods back in NA.  Jaclynn has a small bedroom on the main floor and the boys have the upstairs which has one large room and a bathroom.  Julie and I have a nice size bedroom with an en-suite.  Tile floors through out the whole house.  I’ll take some pictures of the interior once we are un-packed a bit more and have less stuff stacked around looking for a home :).

Side Door which we use as our main entrance.

Back of the house where the upstairs is and the boys room.

Also on the back of the house is the laundry equipment and a screened in porch.

Our guard dog Tina.

Front of the house with a small garage.

Street outside our house which can be pretty busy with cars and bikes.

A big tree in our backyard which I haven’t yet  figured out what it is yet.
Side yard vegetation

4 thoughts on “Traveling Around the World

  1. I have been thinking of you all so much lately. I was finally able to get online tonight to see if you made it safely, as I knew you would. God's blessings to all of you and we will be keeping you in our prayers. Thank you for the update!


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