Great News

Greg and I had very exciting news today as we are attending our last course here in Nampa, Idaho. Our passports are now back in our hands and they carry our visa for Indonesia.  To emphasis the incredibleness of this and how the Lord’s hand was in no doubt the reason for this.  Last Thursday we reported that we had received our visas which really only meant that Indonesia had granted them but we didn’t have them in our possession.  To get the visas we had to send our passports to the Indonesia consulate in LA which is where they were sent on Thursday from Nampa.  And low and below Monday morning this morning they arrived back in Nampa with the visas installed, meaning they had them less than a full business day, Praise the Lord!!!  And now that we have them in hand Greg will be able to return with me back to Canada Thursday morning and it also means that MAFC will go ahead with ticket purchase for departure which means unless something totally unforeseen happens we will be departing to Indonesia on August 3rd to begin our language study on the 14th.  Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement as we have been planning for this day for three years now.

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