Techie Courses Complete Yee Haa

Just completed my final technical course in Wichita for the Cessna Caravan.  Which leaves us with one final training course to navigate back at headquarters.  And this course is a non tech one that will help Julie and I in preparing us for the possibility of difficult situations while living in a foreign country.  This is also just a 3 day course held at MAF US’s headquarters which will also allow us to visit our friends that we made while living there last year.

And praise the Lord our visas have arrived this week!!!  We are now looking at the 4th of August as a strong possibility and the next option is for around the 27th of August if we are unable to get all the needed paperwork back in time for the 4th.  The next and last thing that we are needing to do is have our passports shipped to the consulate in LA where they will insert the visas to our passports.  Once we have our passports back in hand which we are hoping for next week we can book tickets and finalize our departure time.  One concern regarding the passports is that Julie and I are currently both in the US and we are suppose to travel back to Calgary next Thursday.  This however may present an issue for me as I am passport less at the moment.  Thankfully Julie being a dual citizen has her US passport along so she is able to return regardless of our Canadian Passport location. By sending off our passports the departure on the 4th is a close reality had we waited until we were back in Canada the 4th would likely have come to soon as well.  So the possibility of me being stranded in Nampa a couple extra days seemed like a good risk to take in order to help the process along.

Thank you for all your prayers and your faithful support.  Please remember to keep our children in your prayers as have been staying with their grandparents while Julie and I travel.  They are having a blast and doing really well however it is still hard for them to be away from parents. And remember my (Greg’s) parents as they are doing a great job taking care of three very active children.

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