Which way is up?

As you can tell from the lack of blog posts life has been a little heck-tic to say the least.

We have started to research a bit of our up and coming home and the needed paperwork that goes along with that.  The paperwork has started out with some challenges as we struggle to get passport photo’s for Isaac and Jaclynn. We have discovered that the Canadian pictures requirements are hard to acquire down here south of the 49th.  Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a couple different choices of pictures that we can send and hopefully they will pass the requirements this time.  Once their new passports arrive we can begin the visa application.  Julie has also been tracking down applications forms to apply for additional birth-certificate copies for everyone.  Along with arranging doctor visits for shoots and what knots.  Julie in her free time which isn’t much these days has been enjoying reading from her fancy flat screened library of books.  Her fancy electronic library has some study aids for learning Indonesian as well.  At bed time I usually run through a couple different short language lessons.  So far, not to much head way.

The children keep trucking along with their school work.  They have been motivated to get some extra school work done these past couple weeks as they look forward to a visit from Grandpa and Grandma, and there uncle.  The boys have also been playing basket ball with a league that the church here puts on.  They have been having lots of fun with a practice and game per week.  Jaclynn the little sweet heart has been getting up early several days a week to give me a hug and kiss as I head of to the hanger for the day.  Special memories as I’m thinking that her getting up early won’t last into her teenage years?  I think I might still get some hugs and kisses from her tho just not at 6:30am.

I have been working back in the hanger for the most part since candidacy ended.  I have been working with Juan Carlos on the Cessna 182 that will be heading to Mexico hopefully by the week’s end.  Last weekend I had the privileged of joining the men’s retreat put on by our church here in Nampa.  We stayed at Twin Pines up in Cascade ID.  Had a great time of fellowship, getting to know some of the guys better.  It was also a very challenging weekend as Pastor Jim brought 5 talks on being a man.  Which tied in great with the Wednesday night bible study that I’m also working through called the “Quest for Authentic Manhood”.  Which defines a man as someone who is to; “Resist Passivity”, “Accept Responsibility , “Lead Courageously , and “Expect the Greater reward, God’s Reward”.

What else is there to mention oh ya we haven’t started yet but we have the fun challenge of planning what our family will need for the next four years.  Things like deodorant,  printer cartridges,  toothpaste, and brushes.  Just to name a few.  In the next month or so I think we get to go on a big shopping spree to purchase items that are difficult or impossible to get in Papua Indonesia.  Should be a fun day for some of our family, I won’t mention any names ;-).

We haven’t done much of any packing or sorting yet but I think that will start next week.  I’m planning on putting my tools down for a bit once the 182 is done and south bound.  Then Julie and I can work together gathering and sorting our stuff into our crates.  Woohoo!  That will be a lot of work but I’m looking forward to it as it marks the beginning of the next phase for our family.

This is just a quick sample of the life and times of the Dole clan.

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