Indonesian Program Assignment (Papua)

Friday morning I got to wake Julie up with exciting news.  The Indonesian program management have chosen our assignment for our family after we have completed language study in Indonesia.  We will have the privilege of joining the MAF team on the island of Papua. We are excited for the chance to serve in an area that has little or no infrastructure outside the cites.

Papua is the island to the far right or east side of Indonesia on the map below.  The island is shared with the country of Papua New Guinea which is the east half of the island which is not shown here on the map, just the Indonesian side of the island.

Ah the reason we are going to Indonesia, for the beautiful sunsets on the beach.  Ah, not however I’m sure we will be able to find time now and again to enjoy the beautiful of the beach as well.

This is the reason we are going to Indonesia to reach out to those that live in these jungle covered mountains with no access to the outside world.

To reach the village nestled into the mountains living in darkness and spiritual oppression, with Christ’s Love.

Bringing people a second chance through medical flights.
Bringing in supplies, food ie; pigs, medical, personal belongings, building supplies, to name a few of the physical things we have the privilege of bringing to and from these isolated parts of Indonesia.
Meeting the physical and spiritual needs of many remote villages throughout the Indonesia and for us we will have the great honor of doing just that on the island of Papua.

Beautiful country in many ways.  A huge THANK YOU!!! to all of you that have partnered with us in this ministry with MAF.  We could not do it without you standing with us.

The Dole Clan

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