And The Country Is???

What an exciting week and a half our family is having at candidacy!  Our first week was full of a detailed account of every possible country that we could be sent to along with talking to the directors of those regions.  Talk about information overload!  Also, during those first few days we were able to get to know the other ten families and hear about where they felt God calling them.  Our children have loved getting to know all the new children and think that it is very cool to have a babysitter everyday while mom and dad have to go to class.

All of last week lead up to the big event that happened today with all the families finally receiving their regional assignments.  So as you can imagine most of us did not get much sleep last night and then we were all up early eagerly waiting for the news of where we would be going.  
Greg and I are proud to say that our family is heading officially to the country of Indonesia where we will be starting language school hopefully sometime this summer.  Our language school is on the island of Java in the city of Salatiga.  Which is a little south of the city of Semarang in the middle of the island.  If you click on the bottom map it should zoom in to were you can read the city names.   
Indonesia in relationship to the rest of the globe.
Indonesia’s main islands.

Island of Java.

Thanks for all your prayers and support as we feel very blessed to be able to serve the Lord in the country of Indonesia!

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